Our Vision
DISL aims to be the preferred one stop solutions provider in the equipment, shipping and logistics industry.

Customer Focus
Our objective is to build on our existing customer base and add new customers who will appreciate our experience and trust our capability. We are committed to maintaining our customer relationship by:

  • Delivering quality & service at competitive prices
  • Listening & responding to customer’s needs
  • Demonstrating integrity & fairness

Keys to Success

  • We will support our employees as our most valuable asset
  • Dexclusive Integrated Services Limited will continue looking to operate a modern and efficient Integrated Solutions services firm that will be comparable by world standards in quality and efficiency

Corporate Goal
As a rapidly growing company with potentials, DISL objectives among others are to provide a personalized, professional and quality delivery services as perceived by clients/customers.

Thinking ahead – moving forward – This is our guiding principle at DISL. Our goal is to think ahead and actively shape the future through innovation, efficiency and customized logistics solutions. We seek to achieve speed, endurance and to overcome vast distances as a result of thorough preparations, unbroken communication and above all, loyalty to our partners.

Our intension is to build a strong, efficient and stable company that would win admiration of our clients/customers.

HSE Policy
It is the Company policy to make it as a good business investment in the preservation of the Health, Safety and Security of our employees and persons we come in contact with in our work as well as the protection of the environment we operate. These polices are enshrined into our System for Management of Safety (SMS). SMS ensures the need for high quality services to our client and considers the Management of Health, safety and Environment (HSE) matters of equal importance with productivity. The policy and others rules and regulation in SMS encompass HSE and activities involving Dexclusive Integrated Services Limited.

Community Relations Policy
Dexclusive Integrated Services Limited maintains in place a proactive well-defined programme of action that will guarantee peaceful co-existence between Dexclusive Integrated Services Limited, Client and Host Communities.
In order to improve the quality of life in host communities Dexclusive Integrated Services Limited shall establish community and encourage the full participation of host communities in execution of works.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Policy
Quality issues have always had a high priority with Dexclusive Integrated Services Limited and the company has worked with quality systems for many years. Our activities in the field of quality management have lead to an ever-increasing quality awareness ensuring that our clients consistently received a quality product.

We are however constantly aware of the need for continuous improvement and our process for obtaining this is based on the principles outlined in our Quality Assurance/Quality Control manual.
For the realization of any project; Dexclusive Integrated Services Limited will ensure that materials and facilities, which are safe, reliable, excellent in performance, and satisfying, are used, as clients’ requires. This quality control and assurance program is issued to achieve the policy mentioned above.

The program applies to personnel executing the services concerned with the realization of the project and they shall carry out these services in compliance with the requirements of the program. The responsibility for its compliance lies with the Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manager assigned to the Project Team of Dexclusive Integrated Services Limited. The program is issued under the authority and approval of the Chief executive Officer, which take account of the requirements of the international quality systems standard of ISO 9001.

Dexclusive Integrated Services Quality Objectives
In pursuit of the quality of the company, the top Management of Dexclusive Integrated Services Limited ensures that the following Quality Objectives directed at relevant functions and levels in the company are maintained:

  • Ensuring that each client work process is accurately scheduled and organized
  • Ensuring that the personnel involved in the project activities are adequately trained and qualified
  • Ensuring that the personnel tasks and responsibilities have been correctly assigned and documented
  • Ensuring that statutory and regulatory requirements pertaining to each project is implemented
  • Ensuring that the work is carried out to the required level of quality by the application of necessary monitory,
  • measurement, analysis and improvement processes
  • Demonstrate by means of records/objective evidence that the work has been carried out to the required level of quality
  • Verify and evaluate the performance of the quality management system through planned quality management system audits and periodic management reviews
  • Ensuring that jobs are executed in a manner that guarantees the safety and preservation of life and property and minimizes adverse impact on the environment in the work area.

Nigerian Local Content Policy
Dexclusive Integrated Services Limited is 100% indigenous and therefore conversant with the facts and imperatives of the Nigerian content policy in local content maximization for sustainable development of the Nigerian State.
In furtherance to this, Dexclusive Integrated Services Limited hereby affirms and reiterates her total and full acceptance of the local content Objectives. Our local content strategy includes but not limited to the following:

  • Encourage the use of made in Nigeria goods
  • Encourage value addition
  • Appropriate knowledge base/technology transfer plan
  • Adequate utilization of Nigerian manpower resources
  • Use of Nigerian Financial Institutions

We adopt the above strategies in the execution of contracts and projects

Dexclusive Integrated Services Limited has developed a draft training program. Expatriates shall work together with indigenous staff during all projects and periodically an independent evaluation exercise shall be conducted. Indigenous staff be exposed to training by expatriates here in Nigeria. This is to foster knowledge/technology transfer for indigenous personnel